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Saturday, August 1, 2015

2015 Summer Appeal

Spring and summer have been busy at Eaton County Humane Society!  We have been doing some extra networking and outreach throughout the state and it has really paid off.  We recently partnered with a high-kill shelter that was overwhelmed.  The shelter’s cages were full and the animals were kept in the cages, with little to no exercise, until they were adopted or euthanized.  Through our partnership, we have started regularly taking in animals from this shelter and adopting them out. 


Our volunteers make sure the animals receive lots of attention, love and fresh air during their stay with us, until they can be placed in permanent homes.  Several of these rescued dogs are also participating in our P.A.W.D. (Partnering Adolescents with Dogs) program this summer; a partnership with Eaton County Youth Facility, where participating teens are assigned to a small team that is responsible for the care and well-being of ECHS dogs.  With the help of ECHS volunteers, the teens learn how to teach basic commands, socialize the dogs, and prepare the dogs for adoption. 


You can help us continue to make a difference in our community by donating today.  We receive no local, state, or federal funding for the services we provide. We are not a county agency and we are NOT supported by tax dollars.  We are NOT affiliated with any national animal welfare organization.  ECHS’s funding relies on the generosity of supporters like you!  Even the smallest donations can make a big difference in the lives of homeless animals!  To donate on-line using a credit card just click the Pay Pal button below, it is fast, easy and secure. Or send checks payable to ECHS to
PO Box 265, Charlotte, MI 48813.


Examples of just some of our monthly shelter expenses are:

___$300: shelter gas and electricity                           ___$100: trash service

___$200: building insurance                                       ___$65: postage

___$125: alteration and vaccines for one animal       ___$50: water and sewer

___$125: telephone and internet                                ___$25: small animal supplies



Thank you in advance!

Eaton County Humane Society Board


ECHS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please seek guidance from a tax professional to determine deductibility. Keep a copy of all donations for your records.

Summer 2015